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Experimental modes

Tonal Tinnitus Therapy is based on the principles of Acoustic Coordinated Reset Neuromodulation, but it offers you also two experimental modes. These modes are added because of user requests and user experiences. In fact, there is a lack of research on Acoustic Coordinated Reset Neuromodulation, and with the experimental modes, Tonal Tinnitus Therapy will offer you additional ways to reduce your tinnitus symptoms. No assurance that it will help you, but creating opportunities.

Your tinnitus tone as therapy tone

Some people discovered a silence when they heard Tonal Tinnitus Therapy play their own tinnitus tone for some time. This is why the first experimental mode was created: it plays your tinnitus tone (at the frequency that you defined) as a therapy tone. You can mix it with some white noise, you can combine it with Spotify or other apps. It will just play continuously like the regular therapy tones. 

When you try this mode, please make sure that you set it to a low volume. You should just hear the app playing your tinnitus tone. If you notice that it dampens your tinnitus tone, then that would be great. Try to listen every day for some time. But if it irritates or doesn't have any effect, don't continue.

A combination of your tinnitus tone and the therapy tones

Based on the first experimental mode, a second one was added. With this mode, the therapy tones of the Acoustic Neuromodulation are combined with your tinnitus tone. So instead of four therapy tones, you get five therapy tones: the four regular therapy tones based on the Acoustic Neuromodulation theory, and your tinnitus tone. 

When you choose this experimental mode, then you can also adapt the volume of your therapy tone, like you can adapt the volume of each therapy tone. Make sure that you hear all five tones at more or less the same (low) volume.

It is not known yet if this experimental mode really adds something. If you notice that this mode does have more effect than the regular mode, please send a message using the contact form.

The Tonal Tinnitus Therapy app for Android is created by 

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