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  • How long will it take to notice a reduction of Tinnitus sounds?
    Some people will notice a positive effect within minutes after starting playing the Therapy tones. Others will notice an effect after a few weeks or months. And others won't notice any effect.
  • I can't find the frequency of my Tinnitus sound. What should I do?
    Sometimes it can be difficult to find the frequency of your Tinnitus sound. If you suffer from multiple Tinnitus tones, focus on the most dominant one. Use the slider bar in the app to get near the tone, and then use the buttons to decrease or increase the frequency with 10 Hz, until you feel that the tone matches your Tinnitus tone. If you are not sure, try again after a few hours or the next day. Take your time and don't worry: if you don't match your Tinnitus tone exactly, you still can benefit from the therapy tones.
  • How long should I listen to the therapy tones?
    According to the scientific research, you should listen for four hours per day. But it is not sure if this is really needed. Start listening for very short periods, maybe just five minutes a day for the first few days. If you notice any negative effects, don't use this therapy. If everything is fine while listening, you can extend the time per day up to several hours a day. There is no need to listen continuously for hours, you can listen for some time several times a day.
  • What should be the volume of the therapy tones?
    You should just hear the therapy tone, all the four tones at more or less the same volume level. You can adapt the volume level of each therapy tone, to adjust the volume for deafness or worse hearing on certain frequencies. Do not turn up the volume too high, you should not suffer from the therapy tones.
  • Can I combine the Tinnitus therapy with music or other audio?
    Yes, this is possible and it won't disturb the effect of the therapy. As long as you hear the therapy sounds in the background (low volume). Tonal Tinnitus Therapy lets you adjust the volume level indepedently of the phone volume.
  • How to use Tonal Tinnitus Therapy with multiple Tinnitus tones
    Start with detection of the most dominant Tinnitus tone. Then start the therapy tones and after a few days or weeks hopefully you will notice an effect. Then you can decide to switch to choose another Tinnitus tone, but don't switch continuously.
  • How can I ask another question or give feedback?
    You can use the contact form to send your question or feedback to the app developer.
  • Is there a version of the Tonal Tinnitus Therapy app for the iPhone?
    No, there isn't. doesn't create apps for iOS. But maybe you can get a cheap second-hand Android phone and use this for the Tinnitus therapy.
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